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Does ranking a UK local business site on the first page of Google or the Map 3 Pack, really make an impact on the businesses bottom line?

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The Impact of Ranking on the First Page of Google or the Local 3 Pack on Your UK Business Do you want to drive laser targeted customers to your UK business? Regardless of the industry you are in, there is a good chance that you are competing against other established names. This can make it difficult to stand out from the competition and attract the eyes of your target customers. By improving your search engine presence, you can get a bigger share of your target market and even beat the popular brands in your industry. Keep reading to learn why you should invest in SEO and how it benefits your companies bottom line. The Power of Ranking Number One If you know a thing or two about SEO, then you know that a lot of webmasters strive to reach the number one position for all the keywords they target. Why do you have to put so much time and money in trying to rank as high as you can? The answer is simple: the higher you rank, the more traffic you drive to your website. Google ranking screenshot According to several studies, the number one position receives approximately 33% of the total clicks. Just imagine your webpages ranking for several different keywords. This could mean thousands of targeted visitors flooding your website on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the number two spot receives about half the clicks. And the number of clicks go down even further as you move down the search listings. Just by looking at these figures, you should realise why it pays off to invest in effective SEO strategies until you rank on the first spot for all the keywords relevant to your business. You can get an excellent return on your investment once you drive targeted traffic to your website consistently, giving you more Traffic, More Leads and More Sales. Google’s Local 3 Pack To improve your marketing campaign even further, you should incorporate local SEO in your strategy. Since you are a business owner in the UK, you will want to make your business more familiar with the people in your area. This can be achieved by ranking on Google’s local 3 pack. Try searching for any local business in the UK using Google. You will find that the local 3 pack dominates the top of the search results. This space effectively captures the attention of users, enticing them to click through any of the three listings instead of scrolling down the page. Google Search Results Page   What’s even better is that the local three pack displays important business information to make it easy and convenient for users to find exactly what they need. This includes your physical address, contact number, and business hours. You can also add photos to make your listing even more attractive. Users can also use Google maps to easily locate your UK business. If you manage to make it to the local 3 pack, you can expect a significant improvement in local search traffic. Only three businesses can get featured, so it is safe to assume that your competitors are doing their best to outperform your website. Remember that even though you are already ranking on the local 3 pack doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. You still need to use local SEO tactics in order to hold on to your position. Why It Matters on Your Bottom Line A lot of business owners in the UK feel afraid of putting their money in SEO. One of the reasons is that SEO can take quite a bit of time to work. People want to see results instantly, something that SEO cannot provide. But if you want stable long-term rankings, then investing in SEO right now can pay off for years to come. Please check out our Local SEO Case Study, where we drastically increased a Leeds Asbestos Removal Companies business with a successful online campaign. If you refuse to do anything today, expect to lag further behind the competition. As they generate more traffic to their website, you end up settling on a handful of customers. You will never grow your business with such an approach. It is high time to start leveraging the power of SEO to boost your search engine presence and attract more targeted customers to your site. You will thank yourself for later for taking the jump and trusting the process. Brand That Name Is a Leeds SEO Agency that helps local Businesses Stand Out From The Crowd More Traffic, More Leads, More Sales #brandthatname #standoutfromthecrowd #dominatinglocalsearchleeds  Posted in Uncategorised

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