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Case Study: How We Took Our Penalised Agency Website To The Top Of Google

In 2013 I registered this domain: with the intention of eventually using it to setup an agency website.

In 2014 I setup a website to try and rank in Leeds for the highest volume seo keyword ‘seo leeds’.

After a few weeks trying to rank for that keyword, I noticed that the rankings did not seem to be moving at all. So i started to look into the background of the domain to see if it had been used before.
It was at this point that I realised that I had made a mistake not checking the domain before purchasing it!

It turned out that the domain had been heavily spammed with foreign links and porn sites. 

Even worse than the spam links, we found that it had also been used as part of a Chinese fraud ring, where people had bought goods but had never received them!

We left the website with no work on it for almost two years while we concentrated on client rankings.

At the end of 2016, we decided to focus once again on setting up an agency website. With both & both unavailable to purchase, we decided to try and recover the .com domain.

You can follow exactly what we did on on our Facebook page, where we posted updates on our progress as we went along.

Within a year we managed not only to recover our site from a penalty…..

but also rank at the top of Google for the most competitive term in Leeds!

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