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What is Conversions Champion?

Conversions Champion is a stand alone SEO product that we have just launched.

Over the last few years of doing SEO for our clients, we noticed that despite greatly increasing their website traffic with Google rankings, they were not experiencing the leads and sales we would have expected.

Using state of the art website monitoring tools on their websites, we started to notice patterns of behaviour from potential customers  coming through to the websites from Google.

We found that these potential customers were easily put off the clients website within 10 – 15 seconds, if they did not see certain things straight away. This would lead to them clicking on the back button to Google without taking any actions on the website.

We started to to test different strategies on a variety of websites to see what would make potential customers:

– Firstly, stay on the website longer.

Secondly, what made them more likely to fill in a contact form or pick up the phone.

Using this data, we were to pinpoint issues on the clients websites that were putting potential customers off making a purchase, or worse still, just clicking straight on the back button. This led to the creation of a product that stops website owners from losing valuable traffic from their websites.

Conversions Champion is a 12 Part System that we can implement on any website to increase conversions by up to 25%.

Here’s the proof from our clients with businesses just like yours, who managed to increase their leads and sales by

Over 15% a month without getting any extra website traffic!

How does it work?

 Numerous studies have shown more than 95% of website visitors do not buy your services.

Never lose another potential customer from your website without a fight.

Conversions Champion is the result of two years of intensive testing on over 100 different websites.

This is the same system that has seen multiple clients experience a 15%+ increase on their websites conversion rate.

This increase in conversions has had a massive affect on clients profits, without the need to generate any more website traffic.

Your website will be run through our 12 part system to increase website traffic conversions by up to 25%.

This is a completely ‘done for you’ package. You don’t need any technical knowledge and you don’t need to lift a finger to get great results.

 Don’t lose potential sales from your website, instead, convert as many of your visitors into customers as you can.

Do you want a better converting website?

Then click on the link below and enjoy seeing an increase in traffic conversions to your site within 30 days!

Buy Our Conversions Champion Package Today For A One Off Payment Of £495

What is website traffic conversion, tell me more?

Converting website traffic requires patience and the ability to recognise patterns.

Too many websites are designed without understanding how the conversion will take place. In most cases, a lead will come to your website, take a look around and leave. However, what can you do to make sure they stick around and turn into a legitimate customer? This is where it’s best to take your time and truly learn the art of selling.

Here’s a look into the concept of website traffic conversion and what you need to do for better results.

How Do I Increase My Website Conversion Rate?

1) Improve Your Website

Is your website running the way it should be? Is it as fast and smooth as your competition or is it buggy?

The website is the ultimate “first impression" and you want to set the right tone. Otherwise, you are going to be stuck in a situation where things don’t work out as you want them to. Focus on improving the overall user experience of your website as that is the only way to ensure it works out as desired.

Too many people don’t improve their website and this leads to a number of issues that are impossible to manage.

2) Build a Legitimate Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel has to be immaculate and this includes the website as mentioned above. Along with having a good website, your lead should go through a pre-determined sales funnel (i.e. landing page, information-filled pages, sales pages). Everything has to keep them heading towards the finish line where they take out the credit card and make a payment.

If you aren’t able to do this, the website isn’t going to convert the way you want it to, which can take away from your bottom line as a business.

3) Use Split Testing

Split testing has been used for years as a positive marketing tactic. In general, the premise is to run multiple ads at the same time in front of the same group while making subtle changes (i.e. using different words or unique colours). The goal is to see whether or not a specific combination works better in front of the same target group.

You will often be surprised because even a simple colour change makes all the difference in the world. It can be a real game-changer for those who want to see improved results with their conversion rate.

What is the Average Website Conversion Rate?

Several studies have been done on this question and it’s an important metric to keep in mind. In general, the average website conversion rate sits between 2-3% and that’s a good number to aim for as a modern business owner. Of course, the number of conversions will vary from business to business but it’s best to keep this number in mind while setting up a marketing campaign.

Website traffic conversion is all about recognising what works and putting in the time to do your research. Yes, there are going to be situations where conversions don’t come as easily as needed but that’s just a stepping-stone towards future success. Take your time to flesh out a proper marketing campaign, build a viable sales funnel, and push forward with the right mindset. By doing this, you are going to notice a surge in the number of people converting as soon as they enter your website for the first time. Sometimes, all you need is a little push!

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