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Why You Should Always Avoid Affordable SEO Services

BY: Chris Scott0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: Uncategorised
The Different Reasons Why You Should Avoid Affordable SEO Services While the majority of companies opt for search engine optimization services to improve their level of online visibility, finding the ideal SEO business can be complicated. It can be difficult to find the perfect digital marketing company that offers a high quality service, without costing an arm and a leg. Of course, there are those agencies that provide skills without being too costly and they draw attention; however, these companies are not always the most beneficial. Contrary to popular belief, a company offering affordable rates can be detrimental to one’s overall operation. This article will provide information on the different reasons why you should avoid affordable SEO services like the plague. Plague Warning • Not Much Can Be Done Without Funding The idea of an ‘affordable’ rate is a subjective one and will depend on the amount the business is generating in annual revenue. If, for example, the company’s monthly figure is above six figures then a four-figure rate per month would be acceptable. If, however, the revenue is much lower than six figures a $1,000 or more fee would seem unreasonable. Of course, there is one argument that can be agreed upon regardless of the company’s income – high quality SEO is not cheap and not much can be done without funding. SEO performed on a budget can only allow for a particular number of actions that are capital-dependent and time-dependent. The time-dependent SEO tends to involve basic optimization such as keyword research, page-level optimization and technical optimization. However, technical optimization does require website developers or designers and these require a set fee. While this may seem pointless, it is better to have basic SEO than no SEO at all as it does drive more organic growth to the website. Unfortunately, the most effective drivers of growth are capital-dependent and need funding to create quality content with researched backlinks. Using ‘affordable’ services will require the use of cheap content creation resulting in poor traffic growth and negative reputation. • Poor Long-Term Investment Cost is a sensitive topic and all people are searching for cost-effective services, but there are some areas in life where you will need to pay for a quality service and SEO is one of these areas. It is important to note that cost for SEO is not an immediate situation and there are different aspects involved in the price tag. Firstly, affordable services will often result in a penalty; therefore, low-quality tactics may work in the short-term but the site can be penalized in the long-term. This means you will need to hire another agency to have the penalty removed and increase the expense. This is only the visible cost. It is important to consider the loss of time and opportunity that accompanies penalized sites – and all business people understand the value of time and money in the industry. • A Lack Of Assets Backlinks and quality website content are considered assets for the business. This is due to the fact that they continue to bring the company value in the long-term. Unfortunately, a cheap SEO service cannot provide this quality content or backlinks because of a lack of capital (as is mentioned above). This means there are no assets and no long-term development. • ‘Cookie Cutter’ Strategies The more affordable SEO companies do not use customized approaches, but rather opt for cookie cutter strategies that rarely work and are always low quality. This is because the company is unable to scale if they need to perform any creative work and cannot be responsive due to lack of funding. By choosing a slightly more costly alternative, it is possible to use a customized SEO service offering more specific web design approaches. • Lack Of Experience While the costly SEO agencies are not cheap, they employ legitimate specialists in SEO and will be able to provide high quality work approaches. The cheap labor offered by affordable services is typically inexperienced and is not the best for larger SEO projects.Posted in Uncategorised

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